Partner Program

Small-Business-Loan1-300x199Business Expansion Express is committed to establishing mutually beneficial relationships with all of our partners. We value our agents and are actively seeking partnerships with those that provide services or products to the small business community. We have partners with merchant processors, ISO’s, agents, leasing companies, business consultants, mortgage brokers, banks, accountants, lenders , wholesalers, food suppliers and an array of other organizations that represent small to medium sized businesses.

We offer great competitive commissions for our partners for funding their clients. Fast underwriting to get you approvals within 24 hours. Collect your commission as soon as the client receives the funding. Fill out the form below to partner with Business Expansion Express.

We offer a hand in hand network and help services to those partners who have a hard time “closing” or need assistance of how to elaborate an approval to a business owner. Most parties just give an offer and let the partner do most of the legwork, we help 100% in every avenue.